Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wal-Mart (Almost) Saves My Soul

Summer Travels, Part One 

Pairs well with: Redneck Cocktail

Four states, two countries, and 14 flights (whew!) over the last three weeks have prevented me from doing any significant DIY projects around Hamlin House, but fear not!  I have some interesting (read: random) stories from my travels to share with you instead.

Let's start with Florida, shall we?  

More specifically, let's start with Wal-Mart.  Oh Wal-Mart, you treasure trove of curiosities and disturbia.  While shopping there over vacation (I know, I know...but when a multinational corporation offers me cheap milk, how can I refuse?), I found a collection of notebooks in the back-to-school section that I found... shall we say, perturbing?

Now, if you want to use your school supplies to advertise your religious affiliation, I'm not gonna judge (mostly).  However, including the "You need Jesus, I'm just saying." among the other more (presumably) serious phrases is just in poor taste.  I would love to meet the person who sees this message on their classmate's notebook and says to themselves, "You know what? I do need Jesus!  I'm so glad I saw that!"  If it were just this notebook on its own, I could possibly appreciate the implied irony.  But put together with the other cringe-worthy notebooks, well... it seems very a la Mandy Moore in Saved

And the kicker is... I'm not seeing this in a Christian bookstore, but in Wal-Mart.  So the real bottom line is that the store has found yet another way to make a profit off of peoples' embarrassingly poor choices.  Another shining example of this at Wal-Mart: Pajama Jeans.  (Or maybe that's just the result of Wal-Mart's executives getting tired of people wearing their actual pajamas to the store.)  

Coming up: Summer Travels, Part Two - Virgin Airlines (Almost) Saves My Life
Redneck Cocktail

Southern Comfort peach liqueur
Mountain Dew

Mix one part Southern Comfort peach liqueur to three parts Mountain Dew in a mason jar.  Add ice.  


  1. Whoa! I can't believe that actually had those for sale in their store! That's pretty scary

  2. Thank you, Wal-Mart overlords, for unintentionally providing us atheists a way to identify religious people who might give us a hard time. Being marginalized has never felt so good.